Sunday, 6 February 2011


This girl is a perfect example of what I love about Japanese fashion. While I love the insane and magical costumes some young people wear out and about, this girl shows the effortless beauty of true natural Japanese style. You can see some of the looks here on the Japanese-style Lookbook japanesestreets.

my little pony (childhood magic)

ebay, £1. Yes, I did buy a my little pony on ebay. My childhood regression has officially begun.


New Clothes!

I had an amazing shopping spree in Brighton the other day. It's so good for beautiful cheap vintage clothing and I always always find something I love. If you've never been you should definitely take a trip there, most tourists don't know about it but Brighton is the most perfect city to shop and party in. You see hippies, hipsters and sci-trance kids everywhere and there's always someone playing music on the streets. There's a regular skate-boarding dog that wanders around! The Lanes are the best place to go, that's where all the magic happens. 

Heavy patterned summer dress £22, To Be Worn Again

This dress was floor length but I sewed it and bunched it at the back to make a train and now it looks perfect. It's quite lucky that it's the perfect size (normally a slight problem when buying vintage) and it goes well with this skull necklace and my new shoes.

Ceramic skull, £20, Jop

Cotton layered playsuit, £22, Beyond Retro

Black cotton jumpsuit with gold chain straps, £22, Beyond Retro

How amazing is this! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. It looks a little awkward on the hanger but teamed with my dark brown fur jacket and shiny DMs it looks perfect.

Pearl button-up summer dress, £22, Beyond Retro

So the aim of this shop was to get ready for summer - I know it's early, but I can't wait. I guess deep down I'm hoping that if I start dressing like it's summer the sun might decide to poke its face out! This dress is so light and breezy it feels like you're practically naked, definitely good for a hot day... if we're lucky enough to see one soon. It looks beautiful with bare legs but for now I'll just have to deal with tights.

listening to right now...

This album is so relaxing to listen to.

☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯

Gotta love my boyfriend cooking me a chicken noodle stir-fry for dinner while I sit in my bathrobe and slippers.

Life is so daunting to me now...

I miss so badly being a child when every little thing was exciting. Puddles. Balloons. Clouds. Fuck the rest of the world, it was what was right in front of us that mattered.

But, as my grandma used to say, the older you get the more scared you get. As we age we just become more aware of the fucking responsibilities we’ll have to take on, and the pressures put on our shoulders.
Sometimes I swear to god, I consider moving into one of those Eco-Villages where no money is earned or spent but people just work together and grow their own produce. Sometimes that seems far more appealing than the disillusionment of having to accept you will not grow up to be a fairy princess in a beautiful castle where pixies brush you golden hair, but will probably end up in a job you hate in a fucking tailored suit working overtime to pay for a new kitchen.


RIP (20/11/2009)

The beautiful Daul Kim sadly passed away at the end of 2009. She had such an incredible individual look and is definitely one of my favourite models, she will be remembered by the fashion world for many years to come.

She had a blogger too, check it out at


I've noticed sometimes my photos have a habit of not loading properly. It seems like they've actually been uploaded fine but sometimes have a problem loading completely on the page. If you find this happens then try refreshing or CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO SEE THEM IN FULL.



I'm crazy about her. How can a person look so much like Bambi? I'm definitely a little infatuated. It's something about the effortless beauty, style and seeming innocence that makes her so appealing. And I adore the fact she's been working with one of my favourite photographers, Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter:

Me & my boy

Excuse the soppiness. We just celebrated our 6 months and have been living together practically since we met, we don't spend a second apart. He saved me when I thought my life was wrecked for good.



Isn't this incredible?
You can buy them here: for $275... I think I might have to save up for this one.


This site streams thousands of documentaries totally free! Personally I'm obsessed with documentaries, even if they're biased. The more biased a documentary is, the more fascinating is it to see the mad beliefs that go on in peoples' minds. 

Right now I'm watching one about the fantastical theory of the 2012 Apocalypse. People neglect all scientific fact to believe that the world will end based on ancient script and theories. I even saw a family of Wife Swap USA who had devoted theirs and their children's lives to saving themselves from the cataclysm.

Can someone explain to me why its's so hard to buy her music?

I am going to kill someone.

Not only do I have to deal with Semester 2 of uni starting tomorrow, but they can't even be fucked to put up an actual timetable.

I'm ill.

The last thing I need is to be wondering around trying to find my lectures tomorrow, it's too tempting to stay home with Al and 4od like I seem to do for most of my time now; and I used to be so sociable.


Just ordered these from Topshop's new collection £55

They'll be arriving on Monday, I can't wait! I've never owned shoes like these before but I think they'll go nicely with the summer dresses I bought from Beyond Retro (which I'll post photos of later). I ordered a size 4 instead of 5 to make sure they fit properly, hopefully they won't be too small.



Speaking of jewellery...

I just ordered these two necklaces from

Hand- made long necklace

Hand- made crystal long chain necklace. Colour: white/rose

They are incredibly cheap and beautiful quality with free delivery from Australia! I can't wait until mine arrive! 


Here are some pieces of jewellery I think are incredible. I'm developing quite a good collection at the moment that I'll post photos of later, for now here are a few things I'm definitely on the look out for.

can you believe this was made from a spoon...?
SOURCE  anaishere


So, here's my first post on blogger! I've been on tumblr for a few months and I'm looking for a change. This blog is going to be mainly a combination of my favourite trends, photos I've taken of my life or the peculiar things I find around (wonderous) Brighton, and random little things I want to share. enjoy!

Here are a few pics of me to introduce myself,

ME & MY LOVE, AL (above)
We met at the magical Secret Garden Party in July 2010, 
and haven't spent a second apart since.