Thursday, 15 September 2011


I touched on the designs of Ziad Ghanem in my Allure of the Veil post. But, as I have begun to view him as my favourite designer above all, I felt I should dedicate a post specifically to his work.

"Ziad Ghanem has become synonymous with his ‘cult couturier’ tag ever since he launched in London a decade ago. He successfully merges modern silhouettes with haute couture craftsmanship while openly embracing age-old techniques keeping them alive and relevant for today.
A global magpie Ziad readily soaks in inspiration while simultaneously collecting rare vintage fabrics and gems that give his designs historical depth as well as aesthetic appeal. Each and every piece Ziad creates is truly original and it’s on this basis he works with his clients providing a personal and unique service.
Ziad’s shows have rapidly become the hottest ticket on the Fashion Week schedule providing theatre, drama and a bold injection of creativity. His innovative vision has led to many collaborations with a diverse range of businesses, publications and artists. While Ziad’s models too, are selected for their unique attributes and personalities and arrive in a multitude of shapes and sizes.  
Ziad’s unique signature style is hopelessly romantic and yet elaborately modern at the same time. His more intricate pieces have been likened to works of art and it’s this distinctive style that has gained the cult couturier a client base that spans the world."

It is a stylish circus. It is a catwalk show on an acid trip. It is the fruit that would grow if Salvadore Dali had been a fashion designer. Ghanem creates the designs that we all wish we could if our guts and imaginations allowed it.

For years he has been producing the trends of Biophilia (affiliation with nature), photographic prints, Japanese Anime and Mexican Sugar Skulls that have now become so significant in fashion today.

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