Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Fabric of the World

You can extract Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) from grass cuttings, it is in every natural thing in the world, every animal. It is excreted into our brains every night when we sleep and dream, and just before we die. Yet, it is the most illegal drug in the world. Typical. Those who never get into the dream-state where DMT is released will die.

And I've known all of this my whole life. Since I was a child. I've seen it in my dreams, during K-holes. We saw it in our trip. But I was never 100% certain... until now.
Things are changing.

I know who my God is, why does he have to have a name? He doesn't have teeth, or eyes, or ears. He is not human. It is only a human behaviour to name everything. Animals don't have names unless we give them to them. We named the frog a frog. We named the tree a tree. In the true reality, nothing has a name. What's in a name? That's why there is no point in people arguing what is the definitive religion.

If you haven't thought about and/or don't accept these things, you're missing out on what life really is. 'Heaven' and 'Hell' are not separated by people who either do or do not 'sin'. When we die the separation is between the people who have accepted and have (if any) understanding about the fact that there is another side to this world, and those who are content to live menial lives with no purpose but to be popular, be fashionable, pass their exams, do good 'proper' degrees and get good 'proper' and well-paid jobs and have nice 2.4 families, with no other focus in their lives... they are the ones who are already living in what I perceive to be Hell.

We think we're individuals but we're not. We're all one collective thing, like ants. That is why egos are so bad. That's why celebrities and X-Factor are so bad. Because they make us think that each and every one of us has to capability of ruling the world. And that is the problem with the 'LA Lifestyle' and the 'American Dream'. It makes us think that each and every one of us is too fucking special. Only a select few have the gift to see the truth behind everything. They are the people who have the most vivid dreams, intuition, and experience bizarre coincidences and déjà vu on a regular basis.

Key people aware of this

Understands that we are all bacteria.
"The dream consciousness might be more real than the awake consciousness"

Has the power to connect into peoples' minds and create the triggers to make people think a certain way about certain things.

Is the voice of these ideas.
Past: "A lot of this is working out where structure and nature are similar, and writing the songs."

Has a connection to, and superior awareness of the significance of the unimaginably complex cycle of nature.
"We use music to express parts of us that would otherwise be hidden.
So too, can we use technology to make visible much of nature's invisible world."
"We are on the brink of a revolution that will reunite humans with nature, through new technological innovations. 
Until we get there, prepare, explore Biophilia."

Has a superior connection to, and superior (inexplicable) awareness of the significance of the unimaginably complex cycle of space.

Expresses this through film.

Expressed this through art.

Films/TV that touch upon this


Ketamine, DMT and dreams are the only ways in which we can portal ourselves into the grid in this world.

The meaning of life, the purpose of breeding and creating and building, building, building, might just be to ensure more and more (animals, plants, wildlife) contribute to the grid that is Dimelthyltriptamine; the other side.
We must all LISTEN, LEARN and CREATE for our lives and worlds to be complete.

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