Thursday, 19 May 2011

My perfect outfit

I found this photo on the internet today and it's a perfect example of my favourite type of outfit. I absolutely love selectively clashing styles and colours/patterns and this does it perfectly. The pretty innocence of the pale pink and white blouse looks beautiful against the faint leopard print tights and bright shoes. It's quite hard to get this look right and some people get it really wrong, but the trick is subtlety. If she was wearing a petticoat and some pvc red platforms it wouldn't look quite the same. What I like to do is choose a style I'm going to dress for and then choose one item  that's from a totally different style. A good one is pairing 1920s dress and jewellery with Doc Martens. It's just a nice way of making your outfit more interesting and unusual. Start out simply and then you can experiment more and more.

Clashing prints looks beautiful too, for example I went out last night wearing my bright rainbow striped hotpants (see here) and wore them with a leopard print bag and they looked perfect together. I may post some photos later of some outfits I have that look good in this style.

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